Ass Envy


I used to be happy with my bum, that was before I came to Brazil. People here love their asses, women to parade and men to adore. For a foreigner (and maybe locals too) you can’t help but stare on the beach as almost every single woman is proudly displaying her ass in a bikini small enough to thread a needle. Young and old, small bums and large and 90% of them look fantastic! Which is what gave me a case of ass envy.

Everyone has a different attitude towards their body and for some people it’s absolutely essential to have a perfect body and they will spend a lot of time, money and energy on looking as good as they can. I completely understand the “look old, feel good” concept but personally I would rather try to take a healthy approach and accept the fact that unless I’m prepared to dedicate a lot of energy towards looking perfect, it’s not going to happen. So instead I eat well and exercise and try to be happy with my little potbelly or some jiggle in my things. Emphasis on the word “try” as it’s difficult. Especially when you compare yourself with others or how you have looked in the passed.

But here in Brazil the ass exposure is infectious. Visitors come prepared with their regular bikinis and their “Brazil bikinis”. Thongs are the norm. I also caught the bug and decided to purchase a slightly more revealing bikini. Unfortunately checking out my lily-white, dimpled ass in the mirror in my new bikini is simply cringe inducing. I feel about as sexy as if I were wearing granny-panties.

However I’m prepared to work on this. Stage one of tanning is underway but as I sit here uncomfortably on my two tender triangles of slightly sunburnt bum, I wonder how am I to get the same perkiness as Brazilians have. Sure the Afro-american blood is an advantage but not every Brazilian can be blessed with a naturally toned tochus. I wonder if perhaps there is a special exercise regime or if sports are chosen based on glute activity. Do I need to stop what I’m doing whenever I see a flight of stairs and run up and down them? Brazilians, if you could kindly share you secret in the comment box below I would be much obliged.

My bum is still in training so I won’t be sharing any photos here but these lovely ladies kindly agreed to having their photos taken for my blog. Enjoy!!