Lets be honest

I’m happy with that title. Reminds me of the film Pitch Perfect with Rebel Wilson. For anyone that knows the reference, I’m not about to come out of the closet, I’m still straight to the best of my knowledge. Although currently in Colombia where the women are stunning so if I were to turn, now might be the time! OK back to my point. This is my first assignment for a short course on blogging. I’m to explain who I am and the purpose of my blog.

I’ll start with the more difficult of the two, the purpose of my blog. I thought originally it was a good forum to share my travel adventures through South America with friends and family. But it’s been difficult because I shudder at the thought of creating yet another boring travel blog. Its taken me four and a half months to publish some crappy(in my opinion) posts on my adventures and I’ll explain why.

My lifestyle is to take a lot of risks, or chances, or whatever you want to call them. Living this way makes for some great stories that I would love to share. But I find that all the better stories are too personal or risqué to share. I worry they show me in a negative light. So I end up toning everything down or skipping vital details and ta da! Another boring blog. For example stories involving men, it’s something I’m commonly asked about by friends and Mum and I’m pretty comfortable sharing with most but I worry about my exes or more conservative friends and family members reading about them. Another example, a story from the weekend where I found myself intoxicated and alone at 5am in the centre of Medellin. A reasonably dangerous city where robberies at knifepoint are not uncommon, even in broad daylight. I’m told that many times to keep myself safe, and these kinds of stories would naturally raise some concern over my ability to do so. I would never intentionally compromise my safety, I don’t have a death-wish but personal safety is all subjective. Live fast and (hopefully not) die young. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that danger can be absolutely anywhere. Not just in dodgy areas late at night. That is a fact.

If I’m truly honest another reason I’m blogging is that I had held on to some hope that I’m good at writing. I know blogging is not such a traditional form of writing but its a great way to practice. Well, after recent attempts, I have shattered this particular disillusion. But what did I expect? I barely make time to read books which in my mind is essential to become a good writer. Also, the key factor, I don’t practice writing. Or haven’t done lately outside of work. To focus on the positives though, I suppose you have to start somewhere. Surprisingly this is one of the scarier risks I’ve taken, to publish.

So in summary, “fuck it” is what I ever so eloquently tell myself. All this stress will seriously limit my development and dampen my voice. My blog is about my journey and I’ll write whatever I feel inspired to. Tales from my travels through South America and encounters with some of the fascinating people I meet along the way. Some of the details will unfortunatley have to be omitted, unless Im feeling particularly bold or drunk. I’ll share my adventures as honestly as possible and sometimes they will be worrying, hopefully entertaining, and hopefully not offensive.

Moving on to a little about me, I’m a 28 year old kiwi that sounds like a bloody strayan (Australian). I have had careers in hospitality and finance, each for five years and left my wonderful life in Melbourne in April 2014 to travel the world. For now I simply learn, feel and hope to grow as a person.



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